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Larri is an advanced Emmett for Horses practitioner using Emmett therapy in conjunction with biomechanics, classical dressage, shaping and positive reinforcement training to keep horses comfortable, relaxed and happy in body and mind. Over 30 years of professional experience in numerous equestrian fields has led to Larri now running a unique holistic livery yard and training centre catering to barefoot horses with a focus on whole horse health and being able to exhibit natural behaviour patterns. All training is done with consent and under LIMA principles.

The yard has become the training centre for Emmett for Horses in Wales, hosting both short and practitioner courses on a regular basis. Larri specialises in rehabilitating horses through illness, injury and behavioural issues using Emmett as a key tool to enable real change. Horses can be accommodated in the yard for rehabilitation and Larri also travels within a 30-mile radius of home to offer individual appointments and group sessions.