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Animals have played an important role in Gillian's life, from the very beginning, when she went round visiting farms as a child, with her dad who was a vet.  She is an EMMETT4Horses practitioner, an Animal Reiki Master, Reiki Master, Accredited Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and a Mindfulness Practitioner, combining all of these skills and her experience to support both humans and animals, particulary when they are stressed, anxious, experiencing grief, in discomfort or something similar.  Our animals are extremely intuitive and will often take on our emotional upset and tension, which is why Gillian will often include both human and animal in a session.
Gillian lives and works mainly in the North East of Scotland but also works online.
"I highly recommend Gillian, she made me feel at ease and I had huge results from only the first EFT session. She has now treated my horse with EMMETT, again with amazing results. My horse seemed happier, moved more freely & wanted to work more afterwards. If you feel stressed or like something is holding you back then give Gillian a try. She is a really caring, kind person. I am glad to have met her."