GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Lizzie Garthwaite

Town / City: Fairford
Practitioner name: GLOUCESTERSHIRE: Lizzie Garthwaite
Practitioner category: ,
Experience Level: Advanced EMMETT Practitioner
EMM-Tech Tutor
EMMETT 4 Dogs Introductory Course Tutor
EMMETT 4 Dogs Instructor
Phone number: 07803 011349
Address: Bettertons Close
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Based in The Cotswolds, Lizzie began her training in the EMMETT Technique in July 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. During her MSc in Dance Science, Lizzie saw the value of the EMMETT Technique over other modalities in its quick and simple approach. In early 2017 she become one of only 30 Practitioners in the world to complete her full Advanced EMMETT training, and in 2018 became an EMMETT 4 Dogs instructor. She is also an EMM-Tech tutor, and loves teaching EMMETT to others. Lizzie is available for treatments for humans and dogs, EMM-Tech training, and runs regular EMMETT 4 Dogs Introductory courses and Practitioner training.