Agnieszka Kubalica


I am a neuro physiotherapist who treats a broad group of the caseload. I use Emmett technique daily in my practice. It has become the tool to support my neurologically affected clients as well as regular people who often suffer from daily strains and aches.

I am passionate to support your healing process and enable to restore your wellness and easiness of moving.I know that the quicker we apply the treatment specific to the problem, the sooner you will recover, and the problem will potentially never return. A gentle touch located in particular points can resolve many issues and assist with many conditions.

Additionally, I have become an Emm- Tech tutor since 2018. I want to share the beauty of the Emmett Technique with others to popularise the self- help and empower people to manage their bodies more effectively. Take action today for your wellness and comfort!

Book your session to explore this versatile Emmett technique to support your body to restore its full potential nevertheless your age or conditions.

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