ECH Therapies


I have worked as a registered nurse in the NHS since 1995 and continue to do this part time, devoting the rest of my working week to helping people and horses using the EMMETT Technique.

I work alongside Tony Sherry in ECH Therapies, where we provide home treatments to people and animals in Kent and East Sussex, although we are willing to travel further (see our website for details).

I have experience of treating a wide range of issues in people from some of the common aches, pains and injuries that people of any age can experience, through to the symptoms of more unusual disorders. I carry the professionalism and values of my nursing background into my EMMETT practice and always treat my clients as individuals and with respect and dignity.

As a horse owner and rider, I really enjoy combining my human practice with my equine practice.  I am one of only a few instructors teaching EMMETT 4 Horses practitioner training courses and introductory courses in the UK. As I am qualified to also treat people, many riders find it most helpful to have combined treatments for both their horse and themselves.