ECH Therapies


Senior Instructor for EMMETT 4 Animals for the UK and Ireland.

I was a Registered General Nurse for twenty seven years working in one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals. Twenty four years were working in Adult Intensive Care where I worked as a highly trained specialist nurse with the most severely ill patients with lost of complex needs. I have now trained in the Emmett Technique to the highest level in treating people (EP6) and have had some truly amazing results and a common statement from clients is “why did I not find you before”.

I am also an Emm-Tech tutor and have great fun sharing this incredible technique with people from all sorts fo walks of life. I use the technique on horses and dogs and have successfully treated a whole range of issues. It’s amazing and so satisfying to see the look on both the animals and owners faces when they feel and see the reaction.

My amazing Emmett journey continues now I’m a Senior instructor teaching the technique on horses and dogs as well as being the Representative for Ross Emmett for Animal training for the UK and Ireland.

To be one of a few people in the World teaching this is such an honour and privilege and I am really enjoying the journey my life is taking. To be able to teach people how to use this technique and to see the success they have in helping animals is so rewarding.