Joanna Gilham



For the last eight years I have dedicated my professional life to supporting people along the pathway that leads to recovery. My own pathway is one of listening and learning; professional development and continual improvement. I’m driven by my love of helping. I offer a gentle, caring, uplifting and positive approach to therapy.
I hold Advanced Practitioner EP level six in Emmett Technique, module eleven diploma in Bowen Technique, VTCT Level four in Sports Massage and VTCT Level three in Swedish massage.

I have a background in physical sports as an instructor of Wado-Ryu Karate which, as a Black Belt Second Dan, I did for over ten years. This has given me first-hand insight of the pressures and stresses that sport and daily life exert on the body, which was the inspiration behind setting up Sojo Bodyworks.


SOJO Bodyworks provides a truly holistic solution to therapy. Combining both Bowen and Emmett techniques we tailor each appointment to provide the best treatment for the body, to relieve numerous physical, environmental and psychological ailments.