Maike Dring


Maike Dring offers Pain Relief, Stress Management, Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing treatments. Modalities used for treatments include Emmett Technique, Bowen Technique, Havening Techniques, Aromatherapy and Swiss Reflex Therapy. Maike works from her busy clinic in Dromore where she sees private clients. She has experience working with children with special needs in schools and has training and experience providing treatments for people with cancer. Maike teaches workshops to the public and organisations on Aromatherapy, Making of Natural Skin Care and offers EMM-Tech courses.

Clients attending her Essential Wellbeing clinic would typically present with Back, Neck and Shoulder pain, sciatica, Knee pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, ankle pain, Headaches, TMJ issues.

Chronic conditions partially caused or contributed to, by our hectic lifestyle, such as Headaches, IBS, eczema, sinus problems, menstrual imbalances etc also respond well to combination treatments.

Please phone Maike for more information, or if you would like to book a session. 07746 114167