Suleela Barclay


Hailing from a background in International level Gymnastics led me to Qualify in many aspects of "BODYWORK" from an early age.

I offer Emmett as a stand alone Treatment and also as a COMBINED TREATMENT alongside Holistic Massage, Deep and light Tissue work and (deep relaxation yoga Nidra with breath guidance, where needed).

I have a wide based clientelle in Stroud, Cheltenham, Forest of Dean and Bristol & provide Home visits for an Extra Fee. In my experience,  Emmett is the perfect "quick fix" that many Children, Sports and Old aged person needs.

I began the Emmett path with a Short EMM-Tech training in 2016 and now draw from Emmett Modules 1- 6 in all of my Treatments. As a graduate Human Movement Specialist and Yoga Instructor

It is not glibly that I state " the results are remarkable".