Teresa Barron


Specialising in pain-relief, function and balance; I use a combination of therapies – Emmett Technique, Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy, Clinical Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Draining (RLD), Scar Work (MSTR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Massage, Indian head massage, Flower Remedies and Reiki to tailor the treatment to you. I work in Guiseley, Leeds, Harrogate and Oxford.

I’m inspired by the transformations I see in my clients from their easier, smoother movements, pain relief, quicker skin-healing, emotional healing, to seeing them achieve things they never thought they would.

I am passionate about collaboration and work with other health professionals in an integrated way. I work and have worked in clinics of complementary medicine, GP surgeries, sports centres, psychiatric and general hospitals, Social Services, Retail and Occupational Health Services, HIV/AIDS and Cancer Care Centres,

 I am an EMMTech Course Tutor. Passing on Ross’ technique to people is a privilege and pleasure. Witnessing the benefits people learn to enhance their own and their pet’s well-being is hugely satisfying, with frequent magical moments.