Advanced Lymphatics Workshop

Pre-requisite: EP1

This 2 day course aims to give a more focused approach to the Lymphatic drainage sequence as it has a major influence on the functioning of all body systems including the nervous, muscular, lymphatic, digestive and immune systems.

Practitioners will gain a better understanding of the Lymphatic sequence as a therapy, as a treatment aid to the lymphatic system to reduce oedema or to simply relax and calm the complete body and enhance the immune system.

Under modern environmental and physical conditions our immune system is being constantly challenged along with our emotional health.

Course content:

  • Lymphatic System

o   Anatomy and Physiology

o   Function

  • Lymphatics and Medical Devices
  • EMMETT Technique Lymphatic Sequence for pain, congestion and relaxation
  • EMMETT Technique lymphatic sequence for People with Sinusitis
  • EMMETT Technique Lymphatic Sequence after Surgeries
  • EMMETT Technique Lymphatic Sequence for People with Lymphoedema and Lipoedema
  • EMMETT Technique Lymphatic Sequence for People with Bowel Issues